Aware of the significance of caring for the Environment, Elara undertakes actions aimed at two main purposes. On the one hand, inside our company, we have green spots wherein waste resulting from our activities are collected and separated; likewise, we have accurate guidelines for the responsible use of paper and all resources provided to employees; all these actions are part of our culture and aim at being copied at the home of each member of our team, in order to generate, as a whole, a positive environmental impact.

On the other hand, and regarding the external environment, at Elara we undoubtedly know that the use of technology leads to great challenges in environmental matters; the subject is critical for us and therefore, our service handbooks clearly instruct all our installation engineers and suppliers to prioritize the care of the environment at the site wherein the services will be provided, not to damage the ecosystem and to clean the place wherein we have been working.

All these share commitments as a whole make the difference and allow us to be coherent, both internally and externally.