At Elara Comunicaciones we have decided to make a comprehensive commitment with the Mexican society, and thus, we responsibly join the battle against the root causes of poverty and poor standard of living in Mexico. Our main connection with society aims at supporting in various ways foundations and entities of civil society. We strive, not only at satisfying specific needs of individuals with less favorable living standards, but also at generating valuable alliances that have an effect in decreasing poverty, promoting productive, sustainable and significant projects, as well as educational support generating access to better opportunities for their future.

For Elara, it is vital that this connection is not categorized only in economic terms or as corporate agreements, thus, we, as the Elara Team get directly involved by means of activities that make us aware of the current situation in our society and that motivate us to share quality time in order to support these causes.

The main foundations which receive our support today and which you may join are: